Dear customer,
Here on this page, we will publish price changes and changes in order policy on regular basis.

On 06th of May 2019 we have changed our business policy:

  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our products and services is 10.000 pcs
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQs) for products and services provided by our partners and suppliers are different
  • All our supplies will be on new EURO pallets, which are thermally protected against insects and parasites. Euro pallet cost is not included in the price of product, therefore it is charged separately

Pricing policy:

Basic price is the price of the product in natural or white color without any extras.
Price of colored products is the basic price + 5%*

*this term stands under the condition, that the price of masterbatch (color) with 2% dosage does not exceed 15 EUR/kg. In case of greater dosage percentages or in case of higher prices of masterbatch per kilogram, price of the products changes.

Quantity discounts are as follows:

10.000 - 19.999 pcs = basic price
20.000 - 29.999 pcs = basic price -2%
30.000 - 39.999 pcs = basic price -3%
40.000 - 49.999 pcs = basic price -4%
50.000 - 99.999 pcs = basic price -5%
100.000 = basic price -7%
100.000+ (as agreed)


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